#MusicMonday 2

Katy B

Katy B’s second album ‘Little Red’ is out today, and I advise you all to go get it! I had the joy of listening to it all through last week and it’s absolutely my favourite album of 2014 so far. From the beautiful ‘Crying For No Reason’ to the cool ‘Aaliyah’ with Jessie Ware (which I have been jammin’ to a year already).

Music Monday #1

I’m starting up something new up in this space: #MusicMonday!

I absolutely loved Le Youth’s first single ‘Cool’ and have been listening to it A LOT this part autumn. A couple of weeks ago Wes James (the guy behind Le Youth) posted another smasher to Youtube, ‘Dance With me’. Can you spot the TLC references? No scrubs!