August Playlist


The August playlist has finally arrived! This month I’ve been listening to jazzy Europop by Petite Meller, sunny songs from TIEKS and dreamy tones from The Avalanches, among others. Needless to say, I am holding on for the last bit of summer vibes.

Follow the August 2016 playlist here!

Summer Playlist

My June/July playlist is filled with pop-bangers, italo disco heaven, 90s boybands, norwegian soul queens, early 2000s indie rock bands making a comeback, remixed reggae and swedish singer-songwriters! What more can you ask for to make your summer soundtrack complete?


Have a listen here!


May Playlist


It’s the middle of may, I’m planning my summer, working around the clock and planning my summer. As always accompanied by great music.

Keeping it short and sweet this month: Listen here

Picture taken by Slim Aarons

April Playlist


My April playlist is filled with cheerful tones, catchy dance-songs and the comeback of one of my favourite girl groups of the 90s All Saints. These are the songs I listened to while in London, Tokyo and on my way to work in Oslo. I never really got into The 1975, but I heard this first track of the list in Topshop and got really into it in the fitting room. Haha! Enjoy this month’s playlist, as always it will be updated throughout the month.


Listen here:

or here

(Elvis-picture via Tumblr)

February Playlist

image1 (3)

It’s getting closer and closer to spring, even though it seems quite far away at the moment. The February playlist is therefore filled with some hopeful tunes, cold electro beats and some really scarily relatable heartbreakers. This week I discovered both a new song from Highasakite (one of my favourite Norwegian bands) and by teenage idol Zayn so you might say it’s quite the eclectic list. I will be adding songs to the list all through February so make sure you get a listen here

(Elvis-picture via