Hi everyone, it’s me, Charles, and it’s been a while since I posted anything. I hope you still remember me – a traveler and blogger and I’m happy to be back on track. Recently me and my friend Nina spent a weekend in Paris. Yeah, I know you will think “come on! Paris again? You’ve been there a hundred times” and you will be right. But sorry, I can’t help it, I love Paris. This time in Paris Nina bought herself a double take shapewear and I’ve never thought that it’s such a cool piece of clothes. It’s a perfect foundation for every outfit, it highlights the curves and even can be used for compression after surgery.

Weekend in Ålesund

When my friend Nina invited me to visit her in her city Ålesund, it didn’t take long before I was on my way. I have only visited this magical place one time before, and this was my first time visiting off-season (cheers to fewer tourists and crowds!).

I hopped on the train to Åndalsnes to catch the bus to the city center of Ålesund. The season went from autumn to winter and back to autumn again. Even though I am Norwegian myself I am always shocked and amazed by the beauty of my country.

Nina picked me up at the station and surprised me with crémant and skillpaddekake (turtle cake) which has become a popular cake tradition in Ålesund. These ones were decorated with a Halloween-theme.

Our first goal for the weekend was to climb Fjellstua (Aksla) mountain to get to the best viewing spot of the city.

Of course, we had to do an obligatory photoshoot

Onto our next plan for the day. KHÅK (Art center in Ålesund) hosted a beautiful art opening for the works of Ellen Grieg and Marit Geraldine Bostad. You can see more from the exhibition on my newly established account here.

We continued our day with a stroll through the city to catch the beautiful Jugend-architecture of Ålesund. Here outside Hotel Brosundet.

For my departure, I booked a plane ticket from Ålesund to Oslo to catch this beautiful sunset over the mountains. Are you looking to visit Ålesund? Below you will find some of my favorite spots!

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