Hi everyone, it’s me, Charles, and it’s been a while since I posted anything. I hope you still remember me – a traveler and blogger and I’m happy to be back on track. Recently me and my friend Nina spent a weekend in Paris. Yeah, I know you will think “come on! Paris again? You’ve been there a hundred times” and you will be right. But sorry, I can’t help it, I love Paris. This time in Paris Nina bought herself a double take shapewear and I’ve never thought that it’s such a cool piece of clothes. It’s a perfect foundation for every outfit, it highlights the curves and even can be used for compression after surgery.

17th of May – The Parisian Way

Each year, on the 17th of May, we celebrate our constitution day in Norway. For outsiders looking in it seems like the happiest party of all time – and this I can confirm. With people wearing our traditional folk suits the bunad, champagne breakfasts, children and grown-ups singing in the streets, flags waving in the sky and ice-cream – this day can make even the saddest man feel alive.

This year I was stressing out. New country, new city, nowhere to go. Luckily my new expat friend Inger Mirjam came to the rescue and asked me if I wanted to join a champagne breakfast with an all Norwegian crew. I ran to my nearest shop to buy champagne, cheese, and ham – no one comes empty-handed on our big day.

After our breakfast, the day continued with a 17th of May train past the Eiffel tower (which gathered both smiles and WTF- looks from worldwide tourists) and ended up at the Norwegian Church abroad (Sjømannskirken) of Paris with hundreds of Norwegians celebrating the big day. At times it was hard to figure out if I was in Paris or Oslo.

Turns out – celebrating in Paris can be just as fun! 

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