Hi everyone, it’s me, Charles, and it’s been a while since I posted anything. I hope you still remember me – a traveler and blogger and I’m happy to be back on track. Recently me and my friend Nina spent a weekend in Paris. Yeah, I know you will think “come on! Paris again? You’ve been there a hundred times” and you will be right. But sorry, I can’t help it, I love Paris. This time in Paris Nina bought herself a double take shapewear and I’ve never thought that it’s such a cool piece of clothes. It’s a perfect foundation for every outfit, it highlights the curves and even can be used for compression after surgery.

Birthday Celebrations in my favourite park

This weekend my best french friend Miko invited a huge group to celebrate his birthday in my favorite park, the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

I have so many memories from this park and was super happy to create new ones.

Two Niçois and one Norwegian.

Birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Mikaël!

No birthday without CAKE.

And games. Hi Debo!

Joyeux anniversaire!

In true Norwegian tradition (I just made that tradition up) I gave Miko a bottle of Akkvit and a box of snus.

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