13 Questions from a Hotel Room in Paris

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1. Do you have any nicknames?
No! Not since primary school where I was called CH

2. Do you have any weird habits? 
This is maybe not weird, but when I travel I never want to sleep. I always look out the window for inspiration

3. Other must do’s?

Mexican food at least once a week, I check my social media far too often, I never leave my house without sunglasses

4. Any Luxery habits?

When Uber was released, I stopped caring about oversleeping and took an Uber to work at least once a week. Restaurants, expensive coffees, weekend dinners on a week day

5. What are you doing when nobody’s watching? 
Watch trashy TV in bed

6. What bothers you most about others
Liars, when people stand together on an escalator so there is no room to pass, slow service in restaurants (I get HANGRY), Trump supporters and ignorance

7. What makes you sad?
When people don’t live out their dreams

8. Which side of the bed do you sleep on
Always on the outside, or the side closest to the door

9. What movies do you like?
I love the french new wave movement, Sci-Fi, historic pictures and relatable comedies

10. Do you cry alot?
Only if I feel very misunderstood or if I’m extremely sad

11. Do you have something that you often tell others to do, but never do yourself?
We all have

12. What do you sing in the shower?
80’s classics, light pop songs like this 

13. What’s your biggest wish right now
That everything works out

This list is from Sandra :)


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