Favourites on a sunny Tuesday


1. This photo of a cool Robert Redford taken in 1960 (via Vanity Fair).


6 interiors - dustjacket attic

2. This garden.




3. Harpe’s Bazaar emojis! During New York Fashion Week, harper’s Bazaar has launched their own emoji app featuring every fashion week related emoji you can think of. Now you can describe you style-related feelings all in emojis. How about a Richard Avedon classic to spice up a text-message? Download via the apple App Store.


#MusicMonday 2

Katy B

Katy B’s second album ‘Little Red’ is out today, and I advise you all to go get it! I had the joy of listening to it all through last week and it’s absolutely my favourite album of 2014 so far. From the beautiful ‘Crying For No Reason’ to the cool ‘Aaliyah’ with Jessie Ware (which I have been jammin’ to a year already).


Artsy sunday

I mean, I’m not the biggest ceramic-fan in the world, but I find these pieces by Chilean artist Livia Marin really fascinating. The art collection ‘Nomad Patterns’ consists of pieces of ceramic, melted into puddles, keeping the original printed patterns.






The artist Livia Marin wanted to present to us that broken china can still be a beautiful piece, and because of that also useful.



I saw a few Febryary round up’s online and got inspired to make my own. Here are two of my February’s through my instagrams, February 2013 and February 2012.


1. I moved to Bergen, which has become my favourite city in Norway. 2. And therefor I was always taking pictures of this beautiful city. 3. Went to my first gig in Bergen, Ole Torjus. 4. Got free tickets for the Crystle Castles gig (not my thing), and walked out to the opening of an art show.


5. Went to the Tony Matelli art exhibition, one of the best things I had seen in my life.


6. Walked up Fløyen for the first time with Anine.


7. Took lots of pictures of beautiful Bergen and loved the fact that Bergen get’s Spring two months before Oslo.



In the Spring of 2012 I lived in New York City, and Manhattan was filled with Fashion Week, schizophrenic weather, new friends, great art discovering and amazing food.


8. Hanging around in my neighborhood.


9. Had the biggest laugh because of this Kate Moss-poster. 10. Went to an Oscar-screening in Tribeca. 11. Went for Sunday walks in Central Park. 12. Went to an Aretha Franklin concert at Radio City Music Hall and was super excited about it!


13. Chrysler, my next-door neighbor my first day in NYC



14.  My view my first morning in NYC. 15. Found my fellow Norwegian Annie in a local record shop in the West Village. 16. Saw ‘The Artist’ at the finest cinema I’ve been too! 17. From a night out with the cutest swede I know of, Sandra.


17. Went to a fashion presentation with the most amazing view.


18. And another one where Holy Ghost! surprised me with a gig.


19. Museum-sunday at the Guggenheim. 20. Detailed architecture. 21. Lunch at my nearby café, Café Cluny. 22. Nights at my neighbors Gallery Sand. Among beautiful art and creativity is their very impressive brut-collection.

That was some pictures of two of my February’s, can’t wait to find out what this February will bring!


Fashion Favourite

I made a post on my favourites from ‘Men’s Fashion Weeks’ a few weeks ago (which you can see here), but my absolute favourite show was the Dolce & Gabbana-show in Italy so I figured it needed it’s very own post.


The dream team showed their Fall/Winter 2014 collection in Milan last month. The big inspirations for this collection were The Norman Kings Ruggero I, Ruggero II, William I, William II, Tancredi, Henry VI, Federico II and Manfredi. Dolce & Gabbana also took big inspiration from architecture by Norman Sicily which can be found in Palermo in the Norman Building and the Cathedral and the Church of the Martorana.


Fit for a King. I love the details of the print and the flashy diamond gloves.


Wearing architecture. The perfect statement suit.


Portrait of the past, walking with diamonds.


In these Netflix-times, I love how much of the collection reminds me of ‘Game of Thrones’.


I adore the contrast of the shoes and the rest of the outfit.


Lounge wear.


The perfect emerald suit.


Again, the detailing!

Dolce and Gabanna does it again for me, and I am always very excited to see their shows. While many designers shows off subtle inspirations, Domenico and Stefano always takes it to another level, which we very much need, especially in men’s fashion, to rebel against the classic looks we see season after season.