Fashion Favourite

I made a post on my favourites from ‘Men’s Fashion Weeks’ a few weeks ago (which you can see here), but my absolute favourite show was the Dolce & Gabbana-show in Italy so I figured it needed it’s very own post.


The dream team showed their Fall/Winter 2014 collection in Milan last month. The big inspirations for this collection were The Norman Kings Ruggero I, Ruggero II, William I, William II, Tancredi, Henry VI, Federico II and Manfredi. Dolce & Gabbana also took big inspiration from architecture by Norman Sicily which can be found in Palermo in the Norman Building and the Cathedral and the Church of the Martorana.


Fit for a King. I love the details of the print and the flashy diamond gloves.


Wearing architecture. The perfect statement suit.


Portrait of the past, walking with diamonds.


In these Netflix-times, I love how much of the collection reminds me of ‘Game of Thrones’.


I adore the contrast of the shoes and the rest of the outfit.


Lounge wear.


The perfect emerald suit.


Again, the detailing!

Dolce and Gabanna does it again for me, and I am always very excited to see their shows. While many designers shows off subtle inspirations, Domenico and Stefano always takes it to another level, which we very much need, especially in men’s fashion, to rebel against the classic looks we see season after season.

Music Monday #1

I’m starting up something new up in this space: #MusicMonday!

I absolutely loved Le Youth’s first single ‘Cool’ and have been listening to it A LOT this part autumn. A couple of weeks ago Wes James (the guy behind Le Youth) posted another smasher to Youtube, ‘Dance With me’. Can you spot the TLC references? No scrubs!

3 Favourites on a Thursday

A video and music edition

1. I finally got around to see the Chanel Haute couture Spring/Summer 2014 show, and it was fantastic. The mix of music by one of my favourite artists Sebastien Tellier, the always beautiful Chanel style and the fun of the very sporty element of the shoes made this one for the fashion history books. Karl did it again!

2. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell featuring Stevie Wonder featuring Chic at the Grammy’s. This was one of my favourite songs of last year, and I loved this live collaboration, and especially seeing Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono get down to it! But Steven Tyrler, sorry, but your moves were a total #fail.

3. Katy B’s “Crying for no reason”. Such a beautiful song, both lyrically and musically. I especially love the beat change in the final chorus. So strong. Here is a beautiful live version:

Photos of the day

It was a pretty normal Tuesday, but finding these photographs by Slim Aarons online made it oh so much more glamorous…


Palm Springs desert house, designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman.


Lake Como 1983: Giacorno and Stefania Montegazza welcomes guests arriving at their villa.


New Orleans, 1960: Sunday brunch at Brennan’s.


Bahamas 1957



Bahamas, 1967: Looking down on sunbathers on deck.


Palermo, 1984: Donna Fabrizia Lanza di Mazzarino at Villa Tasca d’Almerita.


Bahamas: Gloria Schiff with her pet dog and pet birds.


Mexico, 1971: Arturo Pani’s home in Acapulco.


Laguna Beach poolside.



Palm Beach, 1959: Socialite Alice Topping.


Athens, 1961: By the Canellopoulos penthouse pool


Cannes: Carlton Hotel.


Il Canile: Umberto Tirelli and Dino Trappetti’s villa.


Cannes, 1958: Carlton Hotel.


West Indies, 1961: Actor Hugh O’Brian hoists the sail on a dinghy.


South Africa, 1959: South Africa.

All photographs found on Everyday I Show, all photographs by Slim Aarons.