Weekend in Ålesund

When my friend Nina invited me to visit her in her city Ålesund, it didn’t take long before I was on my way. I have only visited this magical place one time before, and this was my first time visiting off-season (cheers to fewer tourists and crowds!).

I hopped on the train to Åndalsnes to catch the bus to the city center of Ålesund. The season went from autumn to winter and back to autumn again. Even though I am Norwegian myself I am always shocked and amazed by the beauty of my country.

Nina picked me up at the station and surprised me with crémant and skillpaddekake (turtle cake) which has become a popular cake tradition in Ålesund. These ones were decorated with a Halloween-theme.

Our first goal for the weekend was to climb Fjellstua (Aksla) mountain to get to the best viewing spot of the city.


Of course, we had to do an obligatory photoshoot

Onto our next plan for the day. KHÅK (Art center in Ålesund) hosted a beautiful art opening for the works of Ellen Grieg and Marit Geraldine Bostad. You can see more from the exhibition on my newly established account here.

We continued our day with a stroll through the city to catch the beautiful Jugend-architecture of Ålesund. Here outside Hotel Brosundet.

For my departure, I booked a plane ticket from Ålesund to Oslo to catch this beautiful sunset over the mountains. Are you looking to visit Ålesund? Below you will find some of my favorite spots!


Useful addresses

Restaurant and bar which focuses on New Nordic coastal gastronomy.

Notenesgata 1
6002 Ålesund


Hotel Brosundet
Stylish newly refurbished hotel with an equally fresh restaurant. Scandinavia’s coziest reception area.

Apotekergata 1-5
6004 Ålesund


Hotel 1904
Yet another modern hotel with a beautiful lunch lounge called Green Garden.

Løvenvoldgata 8
6002 Ålesund


Molo Brew
Brewery pub next to the water at Stornespiren. Exciting beer selection and laid back atmosphere. 

Keiser Wilhelms gate 2B
6003 Ålesund


Ålesund’s city stage. Here you will find new concerts, events, and DJ-concepts every week.

Keiser Wilhelms gate 6
6003 Ålesund


The art union of Ålesund (presented in the blog post). New exhibitions several times a year. Free entrance.

Keiser Wilhelms gate 36
6003 Ålesund

17th of May – The Parisian Way

Each year, on the 17th of May, we celebrate our constitution day in Norway. For outsiders looking in it seems like the happiest party of all time – and this I can confirm. With people wearing our traditional folk suits the bunad, champagne breakfasts, children and grown-ups singing in the streets, flags waving in the sky and ice-cream – this day can make even the saddest man feel alive.

This year I was stressing out. New country, new city, nowhere to go. Luckily my new expat friend Inger Mirjam came to the rescue and asked me if I wanted to join a champagne breakfast with an all Norwegian crew. I ran to my nearest shop to buy champagne, cheese, and ham – no one comes empty-handed on our big day.

After our breakfast, the day continued with a 17th of May train past the Eiffel tower (which gathered both smiles and WTF- looks from worldwide tourists) and ended up at the Norwegian Church abroad (Sjømannskirken) of Paris with hundreds of Norwegians celebrating the big day. At times it was hard to figure out if I was in Paris or Oslo.

Turns out – celebrating in Paris can be just as fun! 🇳🇴

Birthday Celebrations in my favourite park

This weekend my best french friend Miko invited a huge group to celebrate his birthday in my favorite park, the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.

I have so many memories from this park and was super happy to create new ones.

Two Niçois and one Norwegian.

Birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Mikaël!

No birthday without CAKE.

And games. Hi Debo!

Joyeux anniversaire!

In true Norwegian tradition (I just made that tradition up) I gave Miko a bottle of Akkvit and a box of snus.

Mitt år i musikk

Det nærmer seg slutten av 2018, og rundt samme tid hvert år samler Spotify en liste med hva du har lyttet mest på gjenom året som har gått. Dette blir presentert i flotte og informative plansjer som jeg har valgt og dele her.

Min Top Artist var selvfølgelig min store heltinne Juliette Armanet, og det var nok enda flere timer enn dette: Spotify kobles nemlig ikke alltid opp mot Sonos.

Fransk, fransk, Lily Allen, Parcels, og i sommer lyttet jeg nesten bare til ABBA!

Sammen med 2,872,196 andre lyttere var min favoritt subsjanger dænsepop.

Og jeg gikk vintage med Ella.

Ifølge Spotify er alle favorittartistene mine stjenetegnet skytten, om dette har noe som helst å si.

Podcastene Vanessa og Synnøve og Ida med hjertet i hånden hjalp meg gjennom lange arbeidsdager, flyturer og turer opp Grefsenkollen.

En noe nedkuttet (pga dobbeltspor/live versjoner) liste med mine topplåter finner du her

Mine Tastebreakers (musikk Spotify mener jeg burde lytte til basert på hva jeg allerede lytter til) finner du her